E-Trike Performance

KMX E-Trike Performance

With the powerful electric assist you can ride even more relaxed. The Ansmann electric assist supports you up to 25 km/h. You can choose between 5 levels of support. Without pedaling the trike rides 6 km/h by pressing the button.


The Ansmann RM7.0 assist is characterized by it´s light weight, high range and powerful drive. The torque sensor ensures a smooth ride with almost no noise. The rear motor concept means low wear on chains and cassettes. The CAN bus display is easy to use und you can choose between 5 assist levels and 3 recovery levels.
The famous ExtraEnergy e. V. awarded a bike with RM7.0 Motor in their 2015 e-bike test as winner bike. Hi efficiency, recovery and a silent motor are the systems highlights.


(the photo shows the model 2016)


Performance Trike orange, blue or black

2 disc brakes

1699 Euro


E-bike kit RM7.0

2099 Euro


- 26" wheel and motor

- battery 568 Wh and mount

- display

2099 Euro

Technical data

Ansmann rear hub motor 250 W (750 W peak)
LiIon 36 V, 16 Ah
starting aid up to 6 km/h, 5 support levels, up to 25 km/h
up to 169 km (ideal conditions)